Web Design - websites for busy people!

For those clients who are too busy to spend much time consulting or don't have a strong (or any!) idea visually what they want from a website it is possible to put together a draft site for a minimal fee given nothing but content.
For example you can send us some pictures and some text in any format you like and we will put together a site for you. Even if you then decide this is the wrong style/format of a site for you, we have found in the past that this can be a good kick-start to get the process in motion, and it's least painful for you!
This method of creating your website is particularly suited to small businesses and the self-employed, particularly as they generally don't have a lot of free time to spend working on the website. Essentially what a lot of small businesses need is a professional looking, accessible website. This can be done with a minimum of input from the customer as described above.